Complete electronic device integration and assembly solutions

Our skilled assembly team integrates all the components, including the PCB, enclosure, keypad/foil, and cable assemblies, to create a fully functional device.

Case Study: Integrated Service for a Long-Term Collaboration in PCB and Device Production

Project Overview:

The clients satisfaction with our PCBs allowed them to entrust us with producing the entire unit, comprising the PCB, stainless steel enclosure, cables, terminal blocks, and various components.

Our Solution:

Initial success in delivering high-quality PCBs prompted the client to explore a broader partnership.

We proposed changes to the stainless steel enclosure to improve the assembly process. The stainless steel enclosure was produced locally.

The entire unit was assembled, integrating the PCB, cables, terminal blocks, and other components with precision.

We have been mass-producing the device for the customer already 12 years.


The transition from PCB to complete units improved production efficiency. Integration of local box production reduced costs and minimized lead times.

The redesigned box facilitated a more efficient assembly process, reducing production time and improving assembly process.

Local production contributed to cost-efficiency, providing the client with competitive pricing for the entire unit.

Client satisfaction remained high, driven by consistent quality, timely deliveries, and cost-effectiveness.


This project evolved from PCB production to the seamless integration of entire units. Our proactive approach to proposing design changes for efficiency not only improved the assembly process but also contributed to long-term cost savings for the client.

Case Study: Complete Device Production in a New Enclosure

Project Overview:

Our client needed enclosure for a modified PCB. We have successfully added functions to the PCB, increasing the size and number of connectors and connecting cables. This required a larger enclosure and the challenge was to integrate the modified PCB, display and complex cabling.

Our Solution:

We proposed a new box design that not only accommodated the upgraded PCB but also offered space for additional components and improved cable management. The solution involved precise planning to seamlessly transition from the old to the new enclosure while maintaining functionality.

Prototypes were produced for the proposed enclosure design, incorporating the modified PCB, display, and cabling.

At each stage of production were conducted feasibility tests to validate the proposed solution.

Based on the test results and customer feedback, the enclosure design was refined to ensure optimal fit and functionality.

During the whole process we focused on thermal management, signal integrity and durability of materials, considering that the device will be used in wet environment.


The device with additional functionality was housed in the contemporary and professional box. The redesigned cabling system further improved the installation process, reducing complexity and enhancing user experience.


By developing a new enclosure we met the clients expectations for functionality and ease of use. The collaboration between design and manufacturing resulted in a custom device with high reliability.