Development of electronic device from idea or circuit specification

You have an idea for an electronic product/PCB. Tell us about your idea:

  • Explain the functions that you need - for example you want to automate some process using push button or/and remote control button and when you press it 3 relays switch on after some time - the first immediately, the second after 15 seconds, the third switches on after 20 seconds and off 5 seconds after that. Your idea can be more complex, we'll help you to clarify it and will offer technical solution that is right for your project.
  • Show us similar product and explain the changes that you need.
  • You have the product but have lost specifications and files. We can help you.

We'll prepare quotation for the design of the product/PCB and any other services (PCB prototypeLearn More and volume production,Learn More components procurement, PCb assemblyLearn More) and if you accept it the next step is designLearn More