PCB and electronic device inspection and testing

Bare printed circuit boards testing and inspection

To ensure that the PCBs meet the quality and design requirements bare boards are tested. Testing includes visual inspection and technological parameters control. When required additional tests can be performed like impedance control, automatic optical inspection (AOI) etc.

100% electrical testing is performed on all bare printed circuit boards.

Upon request test report is given.

Assembled printed circuit boards testing and inspection

Testing of the PCBA includes:

Visual inspection of the assembled printed circuit board – ensures that the components are placed correctly and soldered joints are welded.

Automatic Optic Inspection – for small size and high density assemblies.

Automatic X-ray Inspection – especially for PCBs with BGA ICs.

Functional testing – to check whether the assembled PCB or electronic device is operating as defined.

Field testing and inspection

During the field test customer checks the assembled module in real conditions and if changes are required, they can be made.

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